A share from Louie and Franco, two hunters from South America who journeyed to Alaska for a guided bear and wolf hunt near the Katmai Wildlife Refuge on the Alaska peninsula.

When they flew in, the pilot showed them a good spot on a shelf with a high vantage point to scout wolves and await the bears making their way out of their dens.  After the pilot left, they made their base camp in some willows, did some scouting, and look around on the shelf.

Because Franco left his tags at the outfitter's, he would become the spotter and Louie the shooter.  Once at top of the shelf, they break out their scopes to look around from their vantage point.

Franco became excited thinking he spotted some bears and they headed back to camp knowing they'd be able to fill their bear tags.  That night, in the distance, Louie thought he heard wolf howls, but thought they didn't sound right because they were too strong for a wolf.

Later he heard a scream that sounded close to the tent.  He grabbed his flashlight and scanned around his tent, catching a glimmer of eye shine, assuming it was a wolf.  He didn't see anything else and crawled back in bed, hearing another scream while going to sleep.

Before daybreak, he was awaken by Franco telling him something is outside, assuming it's a bear.  Louie loads his rifle and has Franco unzip the tent so he can hold the rifle for the shot.  Franco unzips the tent more and beams the flashlight outside, catching movement that continued to move then stop.

As Louie crawled out, he saw the eye shine about 40 yards away, but it then crashed over the willows, still assuming it's the bear.  They were awake, stoked the fire and had breakfast, then moved to the higher vantage point to get a sight on the bear.

Halfway up to the shelf, they take a break and Franco glasses around with his scope where he saw the bears the night before and where he now saw a black dot across the creek.  As he watched it, he noticed weird movement, but still assumed it was a black bear.  They decided to go back down to the open and cross over the sandbar to get a better sight.

He put back the scope as Louie was looking through his, zoomed all the way into the black dot.  He noticed it did a tumble, run, and jump up on two legs, and repeating that behavior.  Louie pointed it out and they agreed it was something to check out when they're back down.

They pass by camp and decided to lighten their load for the day hike.  Louie heard something trashing out of sight, away from the camp.  It sounded odd.  Franco then comes out of the tent and asked him if he heard it, noting it sounded like two feet and not four.

They called out, and the trashing stopped.  They then moved along the game trail, surrounded by the tall willows.  They noticed a different feeling in the air, as if they were being stalked, still assuming a bear is near by.  Franco then noticed dark movement in front of them and started making noise to scare it off.

It then stood up, over 7' tall.  In shock, they stumbled back, and it made a grunt and ran off up the shelf where they were previously.  Franco began to pray while Louie kept watch in the direction the creature ran.  He then saw the black dot about 300 yards away, but couldn't see any defining characteristics.

They were trying to figure out what they saw while peering through the scope.  The black dot was now gone.  As they approached where they saw the black dot, Louie has to stop to take a leak, and when he was done, he looked up and saw three sasquatch looking down on them.  At that moment, they retreated back to camp and began to pray.

They heard some screams, noises, and they tried to ignore it.  After that, they didn't hear anything for the next few days until the pilot returned, with the bear hunt ruined.