About three years ago near the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area, near Lynx Lake, Issac, Marcy, and their dog Jesse were on a camping trip around where Marcy grew up.

After a day of stocking their cabin with supplies, as dusk was setting, they decided to walk the trails along the lake.  About 20 minutes into the hike, it went quiet, giving Issac an unsettling feeling.  Thinking there may be a predator nearby, and with his firearm still packed in the car, they decided to head back to the cabin.

When they were about 100 yards from the cabin, Jesse suddenly darted towards the cabin, out of view.  They then heard crashing through the brush going away from the cabin, certain it was a bear run off by the dog.

Issac grabbed his .454 out of the car and they waited in the cabin for Jesse to return.  Time goes by, and darkness has set in, with the dog still gone, they hear something running around outside.  It was Jesse, who came back to the cabin, but was acting strange with an injured back leg.

Time passes, and as they were planning the details for a canoe portage for the next day, Jesse became animated and began to pace back and forth.  Issac grabbed the flashlight to look for the bear around the cabin, grabbed his gun and started to beam around the cabin.  As he's panning his flashlight, he catches some eye shine about 40 yards away, high off the ground.

The eye shine moved, working away from the light.  Inside the cabin, Jesse is going crazy, so Issac heads back inside to calm Jesse, who refuses to calm down.

After about an hour of Jesse going berserk, the dog finally stops.  Exhausted from the ordeal, Issac goes outside to smoke a cigarette.  While smoking, he felt like he was being watched.

As he's putting out his cigarette, he heard a "huff" in the same direction he previously saw the eye shine.  He beamed his flashlight and saw eye shine again in the same spot.  Thinking it's a bear, he called out to scare it off.  He grabbed bear spray from the car and decided to get closer to the eye shine to give the bear a preemptive spray.

He took a few steps towards the area with his flashlight and bear spray.  He sprayed towards the eye shine, but neglected to account for the wind direction and received his own burst.  He backed off and started coughing when he then heard an imitation of his exact cough, startling him.  He darted back inside the cabin and didn't tell Marcy about the imitation cough.

A few hours pass and come bedtime, Jesse begins pacing, wining, and wimpering.  Issac decides to let him out for the last time before bedtime and to smoke a cigarette, but when he opens the door, Jesse refused to go outside and huddled by Marcy.

Issac steps outside and beamed around and began to hear movement.  As he leaned against the rail of the steps, he felt the cabin shift, assuming something is rubbing against it.  He dropped his cigarette, pulled his gun and stepped around the cabin, beaming his flashlight, but saw nothing.

He went back inside, with Marcy falling asleep, he laid down when he began to hear a repeating thump, as if someone was tapping the window.  He grabbed his flashlight and beamed out of the window and saw movement.

He quickly put on his gear while telling Marcy the bear is back.  She asked him to leave it alone, but he said bears don't tap windows.  He headed outside, panned around and noticed something moving, taller than the canoe still on top of the car.  He then saw it walk back to the trees on two legs.

He went back inside and lit a cigarette indoors because he was so startled.  He finally fell asleep and had no other incidents.  He told Marcy what he saw and ruled out it being a bear, and they decided to end their trip.