George shared his experience from last winter while snow machining with a group of three other buddies near Trapper Creek.

George stopped to fill his machine with gas and heard noises behind him and saw something black moving in the trees.  When he finished refueling, he decided to go check out what the movement was because it was moving fast in deep snow.

He skirted the treeline and when he turned around, movement caught his attention again.  He hit the kill switch on his motor and heard a scream behind him.  He looked around and saw something that looked like a massive man in an all-black snowsuit he described as resembling Kenny from South Park.

Assuming he accidentally trespassed on private property, he fired up his snow machine to go to the man to apologize for trespassing.  As he gets closer to it, he realized how big it was, but then it stood up and ran into the treeline.

He immediately took off and found one of his other buddies and had him follow him to be a witness.  They both saw the disturbed snow and disturbance in the trees.  George's friend started his machine first, and as George started his, his buddy zipped past him, pointing back in the other direction as he's taking off.

When George looked, and saw the creature step out of the treeline into the snow, which George estimated to be about 4' deep, with the creature standing at least 6' to 7' tall above the snow.  He gunned it and they caught back up to his buddies.

They decided to head back to the truck and grab a pistol and then head back to the sasquatch to attempt to take a picture.  George and another buddy headed back with the other two staying behind.

Once they returned to the spot, they saw disturbed snow instead of defined tracks, so they looped back over the treeline, and as they came back around, trees began to fall over one by one.  The looped out to avoid being hit by the trees, and they turned around towards the treeline for the picture.

As his friend began to free his mobile phone for the picture, the sasquatch was standing in the treeline in a challenging pose when it screamed at them.  Even though they were about 100 yards away, they felt the scream ripple through them.  They then decided to skip the picture and headed back towards the truck.