An encounter share from Josh and Bridgette from two years ago at a cabin outside of Lake Clark National Preserve while on their honeymoon.

After inspecting an owl hoot outside and confirming what they thought was an owl from large eye shine, back at the cabin, Bridgette saw a Sasquatch staring at her through the kitchen window as she was preparing dinner.

While in shock, she called Josh's attention to the Sasquatch as it was moving out of view, but he caught the movement.  After hearing a thump on the other side of the cabin, Josh saw the same thing his bride did, staring at him through another window.

After hearing a thump on the front porch, he decides to go on the porch and let off a few shots into the lake to scare off whatever is outside.  As he stepped outside, he heard a low grumble that he felt in his feet, causing him to instinctively stumble back inside.

An hour passed, he stepped outside again and let off a few shots into the lake, prompting a scream that was so loud it caused the windows to vibrate.  They retreated back inside and shut off the lamps and waited until the morning.  During the night, they heard clumps of something thrown against the cabin and screams.