An encounter long the Copper River about ten years ago shared by Oscar.  After noticing something hopping in the grass about forty yards away, he thinks a bear is stalking him, possibly an injured bear due to the hopping.  Because it was close enough to his family and elders, he decided to go deal with it.

As he headed towards the bear, he realized he needed some more firepower and decided to head back to get a higher caliber weapon, and grabbed his uncle to help him in the process.

They found tracks, and his uncle immediately knew they were from a Hairy Man, while Oscar thought they were tracks from a bear.  Behind them they heard a piercing whistle, with his uncle insisting they leave.  They then heard a return whistle.

As they returned, they saw a hairy man shaking two trees and it let out another whistle, which was then followed up with a return whistle.  As they headed back, they continued to have more encounters, including seeing an 11' tall Sasquatch, which he knew because he later returned to measure the tree.  They saw a smaller one, and another.  His Uncle had seen these particular hairy men before, and the area currently has ongoing activity.