An encounter share from two friends, Spencer and Max, from up near Denali National Park where they used to go as kids.

There's a ridge where they used to see shadows when they'd explore the new area, looking for where no man has been.  When they explored the ridge, they found camping equipment, assuming it belonged to someone nearby.

They turned around, and as they approached it, Max noticed the shadow again, assuming it was a dog belonging to the owners of the campsite.  They whistled at the dog, and moments later, the whistles were mimicked back to them, exactly like Max'.

They then heard an imitation of a conversation, sounding like gibberish, still thinking it was the campers.

Ten years later, they go to check if anyone went back to the spot.  They brought their 3-wheeler, made way back to their previous exploration.  At one point, with Spencer sitting on the back of the 3-wheeler, the exhaust was too much and he decided to walk the trail while Max took off to play with the 3-wheeler.

As Spencer is walking along, he gets a creepy feeling and decided to load up his shotgun.  He can't shake the creepy feeling, so he stops and looks up the ridge where he catches a moving shadow.  It was moving very fast.  He assumed it was a hermit and figured that's why he had the creeps.

Stepping through the muskeg, Spencer headed towards Max.  As Max comes into view, he hears three shots and the 3-wheeler starting up.  Spencer asked him what he's shooting at and Max keeps pointing at the ridge.  The engine on the 3-wheeler is flooded and Max can't start it.

Max keeps pointing at the top of the ridge where the dark spot was, and it moved out of view.  Max is sure it's a sasquatch as he continues to try and start the 3-wheeler.

Max tried to explain to Spencer that the sasquatch was 3/4 taller than when they saw it originally, which befuddled Spencer.  Spencer believed Max because of how scared he was.

The saw the shadow again at the top of the ridge as they did ten years earlier.  Max finally started the engine and explained to Spencer that he felt a growl that was louder than the engine.  Max continued to point at the shadow, and Spencer finally noticed it was popping its head up and down.

Max stalled the 3-wheeler again.  Spencer tells him to not flood it again as he tries to restart, because the shadow continues to approach.  He grabs his .44 and shoots at the brush behind it to scare it off.  It stopped and darted up the hill.

Max restarted the engine and they take off.  When they arrived back to the point where Spencer hopped off the 3-wheeler, they noticed one of the spruce trees was ripped out of the ground and turned upside down and jammed in the muskeg.

As they're heading back to the truck, they notice a shadow darting back and forth on the trail ahead.  They continued up the trail and they saw tracks.  Once they returned to the truck, they scanned for movement as they were loading the 3-wheeler  back onto the truck when they heard a sound in the distance.

Max flooded it again and Spencer tells him to man the gun while he works the engine.  As he gets the 3-wheeler back onto the truck bed, he saw the sasquatch to the distance where he remained transfixed on it.

Max jumps up on the truck and hits the kill switch, and after the engine died, the sasquatch mimicked back the sound of the dying engine.  They hopped in the truck and took off.