Jonathan shared his experience from a week ago on his property.

While bringing supplies back and forth to his home, on his last load, he began to hear a weird noise in the distance, but didn't think anything of it.  As he was bringing a bulk pack of toilet paper to his cabin, in the dark without his flashlight, but armed, noises paralleled him, and he became overcome with dread.

As continued to his cabin, when branches began breaking in the brush.  He grabbed his Glock and dropped his toilet paper and walked back home, where he grabbed his flashlight to head back to retrieve his toilet paper.  Where he left his toilet paper was about half the distance between his cabin and car.

With his flashlight tucked between his head and shoulder, with his Glock drawn, he began to drag his toilet paper down the trail.  He heard crashing in the brush again, and heard a breathing.  He knew it wasn't a bear.

He took a few more steps when he tore open the toilet paper wrapping.  He reached down to pick up the rolls on the ground and stuffed them back in the pack.  As he did that, he beamed his flashlight and caught eye shine and noticed something was peaking out behind a spruce tree.

He drops the toilet paper and lets it know he's armed and to show itself.  He fired a warning shot into the ground, then heard the loud scream and thrashing into the woods.

He left the toilet paper and ran back home.  He put up his Glock and grabbed his .308.  He decided to retrieve his toilet paper and also get a picture of the eye shine.  As he approached his toilet paper, he's overcome again with a creepy feeling.  He decides to leave the toilet paper to retrieve it the next day.

With each step, he's matched by another step.  He fires another shot into the ground and continues to hear noise.  He continued to warn them he's serious and they can get hurt.

He then heard a grunt that sounded like it was right behind him.  He broke the fear and swung around and caught eye shine behind some birch trees.  He heard a twig snap behind him and spun back around, but  nothing.  He turned around again and sees a massive sasquatch kneeling down messing with the toilet paper.  He then darted back to the cabin.

When he makes it to his porch, he lit a cigarette and began to assess what happened.  He was overcome with a feeling of danger, and he couldn't shake it, and became then angry.  He went inside to grab his AR-15 and headed back out down the trail, looking for movement.

When he reaches the toilet paper he noticed some missing, but was able to grab it and headed back to the cabin.