Mark shares his encounter from a few years ago during the winter while collecting firewood.

Tim, a former law enforcement professional, shares an experience from when he came upon two hunters who had their own encounter.

Aggie shares her experience from 1981 when she was 12-years old while watching kids in the village.

Sam shares his experience while on a bushcraft and hunting camping trip, also experienced with a group of friend who later joined up with him.

Brad and his then 8-year old son both share a terrifying experience from 2004 while on a camping trip in remote Alaska.

Alan, former law enforcement from Montana, had an experience off the Little King Salmon River while on a remote fishing trip in 2019.

Michael, a doctor, shared an encounter from Juneau while on a camping trip about ten years ago with a friend.

Karen and James share an experience from ten years ago with their son off the Kashwitna River, near Anchorage.

Two seasons ago, Cody came to Alaska to check off a bucket list item and camp at a cabin at Upper Russian Lake when he encountered a sasquatch who ruined his plans.

Back in August of 1972, Paul had an encounter he shared with us from Birches off the Yukon River with a group of guys.

Ben Sr., a doctor, shares his story from Alaska in 1980 while on a camping trip with his young son Ben Jr. at Hellbent Creek.  This is an encounter where a sasquatch shows interest in a child.

Rudolpho, originally from the Philippines, shares his experience while on a moose hunt when he lived in Alaska.

Former military soldiers Marcus and Davie share a terrifying experience in June of 2011 while on a fishing trip at Bristol Bay while staying at a cabin.

From Herbie, who shares his experience from when he was ten years old a couple of years before Alaska became a state.  The incident took place near what is now Iditirod while camping with his uncle.

A share from Priscilla about her experience from the 1990s while working with a group involve in a salmon study on Lake Beverly in Wood Tik-Chik State Park.  She now has a fear of the woods, so much so that she can barely go by a park without worry of a sasquatch.

Former fishing guide Brad reached out to share his experience while fly fishing with his friend Liam off the Muklung River about fifteen years ago.

Bush pilot Daniel, inspired by Craig's share from the previous post, decided to share his experience with he and his friend Christopher, which took place before Craig's encounter.  Daniel's experience was much different than Craig's.

Craig, a bush pilot, finally shares his experience from 1983 off the Lowithla River.

Twenty years ago, Benson and Terry were on a 10-day fishing trip off the Kuskowim River when they were stalked by the Hairy Man.

From the Copper River Valley, Patrick and Tina share their terrifying experience while hiking near their home.

Hunters Derek and Brian had an intense experience about five years ago near Cordova on a trip to check out a new property, where they also tried to do some hunting.  They left their camping gear, didn't buy the property, and never returned.

Ten years ago, Richard and Samantha were mining for Richard's uncle near Hope when they encountered the Hairy Man.

An interview with John who shared some experiences over his many years in Alaska.

After hearing the share from Suzannah from #182, Charles, an engineer, wanted to share an incident that happened over fifty years ago when a sasquatch was tapping and peeking in his children's window.

Thomas shared his experience with Molly off the Kuskowkim River while building a house over several seasons.