A share from Benjamin who had an encounter in 2018 off the Yukon River.

Suzannah, a busy nurse, shares her ongoing ordeal that started about three years ago at her home on the Kenai Peninsula.  A sasquatch has been stalking and terrorizing her and a neighbor.

Joe and Carl, two fur trappers, had an experience from about thirty years ago.

A share from Ariel, Jeff, and their daughter Candace from a terrifying ordeal that took place about fifteen years ago.

Dusty shared some experiences that took place when he was younger from a remote village. 

Joey and Andi share an experience from last August  while hiking around a lake near Wasilla.

Some ex-military guys shared an experience from last winter during a caribou hunt.

Duane and Roger, two friends from Anchorage, share an experience while salmon fishing.

I have a phone interview with William who lived in Alaska for nineteen years.  He shares his brief experience from 2013 in Butte, and a recount from his mother-in-law, where a sasquatch was peeking in her window.

Also, a share from Cynthia, who lives in the same area of the Kuskokwim River as the berry pickers from the previous video, shares a brief experience she had ten years ago while picking berries with her grandmother.

Share from some ladies who were picking berries near the Kuskokwim River.

Heavy equipment operator Colin had an experience fifteen years ago while working on a project in remote Alaska off the Yukon River.

Jack, who did geological surveying, shared his story that happened about a decade ago on the Brooks Range with four others.

Jonah reached out to share a story about his uncle's experience at his cabin outside of Prince of Wales Island.

A recent encounter from Caleb who shares what happened to him while on a moose hunt near Swede Lake.

A share from Tina who had an experience while home from college and tasked with watching her cousins and some other kids for her grandmother, who was out of town for a doctor's visit.  While berry picking with the children, she saw a sasquatch watching them, prompting her to usher the kids back home.

It followed them home and terrorized her and the kids until help arrived.

Jeanette and Tracy share their terrifying story from June of 2021 while renting a cabin in a place they've been visiting for many years.

A log home builder named Charlie shared his experience from four years ago while constructing a log cabin for a client with his apprentice.

An on-site interview with Alaskan native Bill who shared his experience with us.

We found and recorded multiple tracks north of Anchorage.

Simeon and his wife were hiking on a trail off the Susitna River last week when they encountered an 8-10' tall sasquatch.

Rick shares his experience from 1988 while building a cabin on the Kenai Peninsula with helper Ernie, who ended up quitting the job.  The next person he hired experienced what Ernie had quit as well.  Rick eventually saw the sasquatch.

Rick wanted to dedicate the video to Ernie.

A continuation of the previous video on encounters from the Copper River Valley, including a share from Jerry.

Agatha shared some stories from growing up in the Copper River Valley, I give an update on Miss Carol, and a share from Mark on is experience off McCarthy Road.

A share from Austin who was camping and hiking with some friends at Archangel Valley a few weeks ago.

Alaskans Alvin and Myrna share a tragic encounter from 2020 on a hike with their mastiff Skippy at Devil's Creek.  A sasquatch mimicked his wife's voice perfectly calling for the dog and grabbed it, killing it instantly.