Filming near the site where James and Deborah heard a scream and saw movement while they were in a remote area a few miles west of Nancy Lake Recreational Area last year in summer of 2021.  As they're running in fear towards the recreation area with bear spray in hand, they're being paralleled while hearing imitation owl hoots and birds.  Once they made it to a parking area and met up with a canoe group to tell them what happened, they heard loud thrashing in the trees.

On site at Hatcher Pass where Eric had an encounter at Gold Mint Trailhead with his son while teaching him some basics of hiking.  He heard a scream that sounded like someone being murdered and went to go help them, but he had a bad feeling and decided against it and to get help instead.  On the trail on the way out, he saw what was making the loud scream: a Sasquatch about 10' tall running across the trail about 15' to 20' in front of them, and into the trees.  His son was terrified, and when they met up with another group and warned them, they mocked him.

For the first part of the video, I shot some footage of the Little Susitna River, part of Knik River by Jim Creek where Craig had gravel thrown at him, and a bridge over the Matanuska River.

In the late 1970s, retired oilfield worker Johnathan and his then-wife were travelling down the AlCan Highway in their RV and decided to pull over at a rest stop, where a Sasquatch began to open the roof and reach into the vehicle.  With is wife hiding under the bed, Johnathan began to look for his machete to hack at the arm.  After a loud whistle in the distance, the Sasquatch attacking the RV stopped and left, along with footsteps of others who were also outside.

I had to split this share up into two parts because of editing issues.  I recorded this at Squatchbait's house.

A week before Father's Day in 2020 near Papoose Lake, Jason and Jennifer were enjoying the outdoors with their young children when he saw something he thought was a moose in the water.  When it stood up, it wasn't a moose.  It made eye contact with the kids and they quickly exited the area.

Two shares, the first a retired fish and game biologist that had an experience ten years ago off the Mulchatna river while gathering data on salmon with three others, where they realized what they at first thought was a person exiting the freezing cold river was a Sasquatch they estimated to be over 10'.  They later met up with a group of observers who didn't believe them at first, but did later after they had an encounter, topped off with screams.  When both groups tried to relay their experiences to a fish and game trooper, they fell on deaf ears.

Greg, who lives in Europe, used to spend a lot of money to fly his dogs and equipment to Alaska to participate in the Iditarod.  About five years ago, while training a few months prior to the race, he and fellow team members stopped a few miles outside of Rainy Pass to camp out in an area with multiple available cabins before continuing the next day. That night, his dogs were huddled together in fear and kept moving around the cabin away from something outside.

Chad, a cyclist who'd over the years travel to Alaska for a long-distance cycling event, became a recipient of typical Alaskan Sasquatch behavior while setting up a camp to take a break during his trip a few miles north of Trapper Creek.

Mark was camping with his family off the Matanuska River back in 2020 when they heard a scream and loud splashing in the river.  After he saw it in the water, they had sunlight and used it to pack up camp and leave.  He has not camped since.

Four years ago, Craig, with his wife and daughter, were four-wheeling and looking for moose trails at Jim Creek when they encountered what they first thought was a bear. Once Craig saw it was a Sasquatch after it threw a handful of gravel at him, they quickly left. Craig was ridiculed by those to whom he told of the encounter.

Jesse shared his encounter from May of 2022 that took place at the Granite Creek Campground on the Kenai Peninsula. Like so many who experience these encounters, his love for camping is completely ruined.

John, a long-time trapper, had to cut short his trapping season once he realized what was stealing from his traps. As he decided to hunker down at his remote cabin until his resupply plane came through, he was surrounded by three Sasquatches attempting to intimidate him. They failed and John instead went on offense.

Derrick shared this incident involving wolves and a Hairy Man that took place in the 1990s on the Kvichak River with him and a coworker. There are accounts of Sasquatch keeping wolves as pets or using them for some purpose. I'm gathering more information on this lesser-explored aspect of their behavior.

While hiking, a mother and her young son were terrorized by several Sasquatches next to Bertha Creek on the Kenai Peninsula. As her son, who was carrying their small dog, was crying and sobbing, a smaller juvenile was mimicking back his screams and cries to perfection. Sadly, her son has been severely traumatized and she's having trouble looking for some professional help from someone who'd be open minded and sympathetic to this experience. This incident happened last week in late May of 2022.

Jim and his neighbor on the Kenai Peninsula thought the other was causing problems on the other's property until they saw the Sasquatch about 3 weeks ago. About a week after the sighting, outside Jim's house, it mimicked a meow that was unique to his cat that died the previous year.

Two brothers went on a moose hunt and things didn't go as expected. This encounter highlights the inconceivable strength of these creatures when considering the weight of a moose.

Scott, Caroline, and Mark had a terrifying encounter while hiking off Skilak Lake on the Kenai Peninsula, where they were cut off on a trail, surrounded, and inspected by three Sasquatch. Thankfully, a local who alerted them was able to run to his boat and evacuate them.

Two friends flew into Platinum to spend the day and encountered a Sasquatch in the open tundra and chased them back to their plane.

Alaskan park hosts leave their jobs after encountering a Hairy Man 20 years ago.  HERE IS THE VIDEO I mentioned of the dentist Keithie6 who recorded the Sasquatch screaming and throwing objects next to him while he was looking for metal.

This is an encounter I had while riding snowmobiles with friends back in winter of 1994.

Michelle shares an experience she had with her husband and their son on the Nushagak River.

This share is from Cheryl who was picking mushrooms with her group of retired friends last year near the Alaska Speedway. Instead of sharing mushrooms, a Hairy Man showed aggression against these three senior ladies who were clearly no threat. As typical with aftereffects of such encounters, Chery and her friends no longer hunt for mushrooms, which is something they very much enjoyed together.

I give you a demonstration on why Alaska is known as the land of the midnight sun, and a creepy encounter we had off a tributary off the Wood River.

A bush pilot shares another experience from remote Alaska west of Illiamna Lake.

Thomas shares the rest of his experiences that occurred in 1970 in Kaltag.  He also gives some very important words of wisdom.