Timothy had an experience back in 1990 while fishing on the Kvichak River when they had to dock off the bank when their boat had problems.

A few shares from the Lazy Mountains.  One from Justin involving him and his girlfriend while riding ATVs, a share from Chuck while driving in his truck with his dog, and one from Mary and her friend back in 2014.

Former Alaska resident Michael shares his experience while on a bear hunt about fifteen years ago near Portlock.

Shilo shares an experience from last fall involving her and her little cousin while looking for berries in the tundra outside of her village.

Blake shares an encounter from six years ago while proxy hunting for his uncle.  Before leaving, he was warned by his uncle about hunting alone south of the north fork of the Gulkana River.

An encounter from 1974 shared by Sam, an assistant welder working on the Alaska pipeline.  The encounter took place while taking time off with a co-worker.

A guy I grew up with named Joe shares an experience of his young son, where sasquatch were attempting to make contact with his young son and wave him into the woods over the span of several years while at fish camp.

Douglas shares his experience from last year at the Savage River while searching for a missing girl in an area he's visited for decades.

Professional photographer Derek shares an encounter from 1987 off the Mulchatna River near Jack Rabbit Hills while staying at some cabins.  Several people were in his group, including his wife Gabby.

Billy from Colorado, and some friends from college, had an experience during a camping trip near Lake Nerka.

Heather and Carl share their encounter from a few years back during a week-long camping trip at a remote cabin at Klutina Lake off Mahlo River.

Tim shared his encounter from a decade ago while working at a fishing lodge off the Nushagak River.

A share from Nikolai and Tatiana, lifelong Alaskans of Russian and Tlingit descent from an encounter a few years back outside of Yakutat at their family cabin with their dog Roscoe.

Hardcore hikers Tabitha and Nicholas shared their experience that happened a few years back at Ohman Falls at Power Creek.

Roger shares his experience he had with several others from 2003 during a fishery study as a biology student off the Nuyakuk River.

A historical account passed to me from Fritz about Johan and his great-grandfather, also named Fritz, during the turn of the century on their expedition into the Yukon to look for gold.

Miss Carol shares odd experiences from her property, including fake owl hoots conversing with raven sounds, whistles, banging on the house, tracks around the property, among other creepy occurances.  We couldn't make it to her property because of the snow, but we will in the near future.

I have another share from Miss Carol's brother Hayden who had his own experiences years before Miss Carol's.

A share from Sam of strange encounters at his property near the Juneau area a few years ago.

Hank shared an encounter from last week after seeing tracks and strange behavior from his dog on an island in the Alaska Panhandle.

A moose hunter from the village shares an encounter, and another from Vincent who had an encounter with his cousin.

A creepy shape-shifting share from Mark from Feburary of 2019 that happened in Ninilchik, and another while glassing in Valdez.

Alexander and Carol, who met in college in the 1970s, share an experience from a camping trip to Alaska at Wolverine Creek where they encountered what they first thought was a bear and then a vagrant.

Russell who lives outside of Alaska shares an experience from last August of being stalked while jogging along the Denali Highway.  He had a witness to his encounter.

A share from Jamie about a story her grandmother Ruby has been telling her since she was little.

A terrifying share from Bailey from an encounter last fall on her trip to Alaska with her brother Brian while hiking the Resurrection Trail, where they were being tracked by a Hairy Man.  She said she "felt like she was in a horror movie."

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