Mary shares several encounters, the first one when she heard when she was a little girl in the 1970s in Chitina.  Later when she was older, she saw one with her brother walking in the trees.  Some years after as she moved away, she moved back to Alaska and had an encounter where she heard the mimicked owl hoots that turned into a language.

A share from heavy equipment operator Doug who, along with a co-worker, had an encounter last season while working a construction job.  Sadly, he was accused of drinking on the job and using his encounter to cover for flipping his four wheeler and ended up quitting.

A share from Jane from an experience around the fall of 2019 while babysitting up off the northwest coast.  After a few instances of the kids waving to what she assumed was a man from the village, and finally from the kids screaming when they saw it looking at them through their bedroom window, Jane called a neighbor to come investigate.

After she and the neighbor saw something illuminated by the moonlight walking off, the neighbor called friends with firearms and 4-wheelers to investigate what they thought was an emaciated bear stalking the children.

Tim shares his experience from last fall from the north fork of the Gulkana River past Swede Lake while hunting with a group, when a Sasquatch stole their caribou kill.

From her experience on the Kvichak River around thirty years ago, Julie from Bristol Bay shares a memory from when she was a little girl with her Grandfather while picking berries and looking for moose.  Before he passed, he told her more of what happened.

Jonah, who used to run a sleddog team over forty-five years ago, was running supplies between two villages.  On one of his supply runs, a Sasquatch knocked down a tree and smashed one of his dogs.

A share from Rick who used to run a guide service off the Nushagak River for about ten years.  He eventually stopped because of four experiences with Sasquatch.

Two shares, one from Miss Sally, and the other from Chuck.

Miss Sally shares an audio she captured of something imitating an owl hoot back around 2015 or 2016 off the Clearwater River near the Delta Junction.  While in her hot tub, she heard a scream and rocks were thrown into the river.  A few days after, her dogs refused to go outside.  She also saw tracks along the bank of the river.  She continued to have multiple experiences.

Doug from the northern coast, with his wife Claire and his son, shares a terrifying experience from south of the Denali highway off the north fork of the Gulkana River.

From 2011, a share from Vincent on an experience with his sister Grace and another relative, all native villagers, while hunting moose.  Vincent heard a loud scream that could not have been a moose, and his sister saw a hairy man off in the distance.  When Vincent asked his sister and relative if they heard it, they said no, but admitted they did after time passed.

After Vincent's experience, off the Johnson River, they found a track they originally thought was a bear, but realized it wasn't.  The images are at the beginning of the video.

A share from Brian from 2015, who had an experience while working on a construction project.  After hearing multiple, very heavy bi-pedal creatures scurry away from his tent at night after letting out a cough to scare off what he though were critters, he had trouble continuing the project and resigned from the project.  Brian, who is ex-military and loves the outdoors, no longer camps.

An encounter long the Copper River about ten years ago shared by Oscar.  After noticing something hopping in the grass about forty yards away, he thinks a bear is stalking him, possibly an injured bear due to the hopping.  Because it was close enough to his family and elders, he decided to go deal with it.

As he headed towards the bear, he realized he needed some more firepower and decided to head back to get a higher caliber weapon, and grabbed his uncle to help him in the process.

An encounter share from Josh and Bridgette from two years ago at a cabin outside of Lake Clark National Preserve while on their honeymoon.

After inspecting an owl hoot outside and confirming what they thought was an owl from large eye shine, back at the cabin, Bridgette saw a Sasquatch staring at her through the kitchen window as she was preparing dinner.

A share from David from Bristol Bay, a friend I've known for a long time.  The incidents took place on his grandfather's cabin on the west channel of the Nushagak River in the early to mid-1990s over a period of a few years.

He encountered strangeness, like thumping on the cabin roof, odd sabotage of his fishing nets, tracks, wolf howls that weren't from wolves and owl hoots that weren't from owls, horrible smells, overwhelming sense of dread and being watched, and something repeatedly banging on the side of the cabin with great force.

A share from Joseph that happened back in 1987 off the Nushagak River, near Sophie's Landing, when he was 12 or 13.  He was allowed to take his dad's snow machine to go hunt some hare and spruce chickens with his two younger brothers, when they all saw a Sasquatch.

This share is from Clint, an owner of a construction company who offered to treat his employees to a snowmobile trip in Paxon if they finished a renovation project early.

While trying to fix a slipped track on one of the machines, his friend holding the rear of the machine accidently, and unknowingly, dropped it on his arm and ran away about 20 yards.  The friend was startled and ran because he saw a Sasquatch, about 9' tall, in the willows.

This share is from a group of three people who were salmon fishing on the Russian River, one of them Brian, an Alaskan. Brian caught a glimpse of red hair across the river in the brush, assuming it was a human.

Once back at the camp to meet up with his buddies who were drinking, Brandon mentions the red head, with his friends assuming it was a woman and became curious.  Once they got a good look, they realized it wasn't a red head woman, but a red-haired Hairy Man.

A trapper shared his experience while trapping near the Kuskokwim River.

The trapper was being intimitated by a sasquatch while trapping and in his cabin, and eventually saw it sliding down a spruce tree.  He then saw one with reddish-brown hair trying to look inside of his cabin, and then the next morning saw smaller tracks with larger tracks.  He then hopped on his snow machine and left, eventually gifting the area to a fellow trapper.

After 25 years of trapping, he stopped because of this experience.

A share from Keith and Danielle, a small family from Dillingham, about an experience from a few years ago with their two daughters and son while fishing for king salmon.  A sasquatch was showing too much interest in the children, attempting to entice and wave them to him.

Keith said it was over 8' tall, but was mostly taken back by its width.

George shared his experience from last winter while snow machining with a group of three other buddies near Trapper Creek.

George stopped to fill his machine with gas and heard noises behind him and saw something black moving in the trees.  When he finished refueling, he decided to go check out what the movement was because it was moving fast in deep snow.

About three years ago near the Nancy Lake State Recreation Area, near Lynx Lake, Issac, Marcy, and their dog Jesse were on a camping trip around where Marcy grew up.

After a day of stocking their cabin with supplies, as dusk was setting, they decided to walk the trails along the lake.  About 20 minutes into the hike, it went quiet, giving Issac an unsettling feeling.  Thinking there may be a predator nearby, and with his firearm still packed in the car, they decided to head back to the cabin.

A share from Louie and Franco, two hunters from South America who journeyed to Alaska for a guided bear and wolf hunt near the Katmai Wildlife Refuge on the Alaska peninsula.

When they flew in, the pilot showed them a good spot on a shelf with a high vantage point to scout wolves and await the bears making their way out of their dens.  After the pilot left, they made their base camp in some willows, did some scouting, and look around on the shelf.

An on-site interview with Ryan at Deception Creek, north of Willow.

Jonathan shared his experience from a week ago on his property.

While bringing supplies back and forth to his home, on his last load, he began to hear a weird noise in the distance, but didn't think anything of it.  As he was bringing a bulk pack of toilet paper to his cabin, in the dark without his flashlight, but armed, noises paralleled him, and he became overcome with dread.

An encounter share from two friends, Spencer and Max, from up near Denali National Park where they used to go as kids.

There's a ridge where they used to see shadows when they'd explore the new area, looking for where no man has been.  When they explored the ridge, they found camping equipment, assuming it belonged to someone nearby.