The continuance of the saga of Thomas. This second incident occurred several years later near the Copper River Valley.

Thomas shared this with me in 1997 and again the other day. This is part 1 of 3, and my next 2 will be the continuing of the 3 killed in 10 years "series". This first incident happened in 1961.

This is a share from Caleb from an experience back in 1988 on Lake Aleknagik in Rainbow Valley.

Joe heard sounds of ravens, crows, and laughter while in his SUV near the Root Glacier. There's countless untold encounters that have never seen the light of day because so many are fearful of telling their story.

Jacob shares his terrifying experience from 30 years ago that shattered his dream of building his retirement cabin over a period of 5 years.

An encounter from Jerry who told me his story over lunch while I was in Togiak about how he and two others were chased by a Hairy Man while caribou hunting. Another common consequence of such encounters, which happened to Jerry, is those involved, regardless of how close they were, no longer communicate and drift apart. 

John shared a very sad day along the Susitna River in Fall of 2021. This is another horrific story involving someone's dog, and how Sasquatch seem to use our love for them against us.

Eric shares his experience that occurred in 1987 northwest of Talkeetna while working on a survey project.

In 2005, an elder shared with me around the campfire this incident that took place in the late 1960s around the Kvichak River. As the elders would tell us, don't go in the woods alone, and don't whistle.

This nightmare encounter happened to a trapper in 1984 in remote Alaska near the Yukon Delta. This is another story among thousands where aggressive Sasquatches terrorize someone in a remote cabin they could easily enter and have their way with the human prey, yet don't.

Janice and Scott had an unforgettable experience on a kayak trip in southeast Alaska.

Craig and John were on a caribou hunt where they had a terrifying experience.

An experience of two girls who were scammed by a fake hiking guide and ended up in a bad situation in the Wood Tik-Chik State Park. This video had some audio issues.

Ron shared his experience of a terrifying encounter on a camping trip with his young daughter that occurred south of the Denali Highway. Please note, this is one of several shares where I had audio issues.

Glen shares his experience from a sheep hunt on the Brooks Range back in the 1980s.

A few encounters shared from a bush pilot and his 40 years of flying remote Alaska. This is the first of what will be a series of his experiences.

Tom and Mary shared their fish camp encounter that occurred on the shore of Nushagak Bay.

Former cabin builder Jeff shares his story about encountering The Hairy Man while building a remote cabin for a wealthy client.  He experienced this encounter with an assistant named Art, a native gentleman from up north who had a previous encounter of his own with The Hairy Man.

This encounter shared by former Alaskan Don is one of the saddest I've recounted so far on this channel, especially for dog lovers.  This story also supports the case that The Hairy Man is no friend of ours, and as recounted in stories all over, they have a real disdain for man's best friend.

This encounter involved a trio on the Yentna River at the end of caribou hunting season in 2019 while trout fishing.

I share some oral history from my elders, and an encounter of mine with some cousins while picking berries during the Fall of 1998.

Paul and James, two of my cousins, had this encounter back in 2007 at Harris Creek.  These two cousins were with me during the Nushagak River Ambush encounter only a few weeks prior to this.

A terrifying encounter for Monica and her two kids in a remote lodge in the Wood-Tikchik State Park.

This encounter is from Eric, a fishing guild in the Aleknagik Lake area, that happened with a client in Pike Bay. 

I share an encounter from my cousin Nicholai and a few other relatives that happened on the Nuyakuk River.