I filmed this share up near Hatcher Pass off the Little Susitna River.

Two years ago on the outskirts of Fairbanks, Jesse and Monica bought a caribou cabin to fix up as a starter house.  The insulation was completed and they were ready to install the wood stove, so Jesse had his friend help him and planned to have it ready and working by the time Monica was home from work.

Buck, a bush pilot, shared his experience from this past spring after dropping off two out-of-state clients for a bear hunt near Salcha.

With an hour or so of free time, he decided to go north and land for a hike.  He grabbed his day bag with a .454 Casull on his chest and began to hike to the treeline across the tundra.

I have an in-person interview with fellow Curyung Tribal Council Member Hillary, who was born and raised in Dillingham.  She relays a few stories of encounters, as well as her growing up and being warned of the Hairy Man.  For example, she grew up seeing uprooted trees stuck into the ground so often that it didn't occur to her that it wasn't normal until her teenage years.

My condolences to the family of Kerry Arnold, who was an inspiration to me.

This share is from Kathy, who lived on the Kenai Peninsula back in the 1990s.  She had a neighbor who's husband was away, who called her over to look at something at her house.  When Kathy asked her why, her neighbor said she needed someone else to see something because nobody would believe her.

Outside of Fairbanks in 2014, Kyle and his little brother were walking a trail and picking berries when they heard some odd noises that sounded like a low grumbling, and decided to leave.  They realize they're being paced, so Kyle begins to trot but stops to prevent triggering a predator.  Suddenly, his little brother sprints past him, so Kyle caught up with him and told him "walk, don't run!"

Back home, Joseph's family has a cabin off the Nushagak River, where he had an encounter back in the 1990s.  One night while camping in the cabin alone, that was still under construction and had no glass in the windows, he heard a wolf howl far off in the distance that sounded like an imitation.

Jesse, a cannery worker from Dillingham, would go fishing at Silver Salmon Creek in his off time.  On the second day of his camping trip, as he was cooking, he kept hearing a noise off in the distance he thought was a stray dog.  Once he realized it wasn't a dog, he figured it could be a bear, but it wasn't close enough to him to be a threat wasn't worried.

A share from a relative (R) and his friend (RF) that took place off the Nushagak River near Henry's Slough while moose hunting.  After spotting a bull from the water, they anchor their skiff and climb the bank, where they hear noise coming from another direction they assumed to be another bull.  They decided to wait to increase the chances they both could drop one.

A share from Dan that happened when he was a kid in the 1970s off the Gulkana River.  This experience is not typical of others in Alaska, as a Sasquatch saved Dan's life.  Dan was lost while exploring and made a decision to enter the river while floating on a log to take him back to the Richardson Highway.  Before he jumped into the water, which would have likely been a life-ending decision, a female Sasquatch rushed out of the woods and grabs him.  Dan passed out from the terror, but woke up hours later in a dry area underneath some foliage and trees next to the highway

I did an interview with Mike who lives on a remote island in Alaska.  He talks about stories from his elders, on the Hairy Man, and Little People.

Here are the images he shared:

Hairy Man 1


Betty and John were house sitting for some friends, who were on vacation, to help protect their property during an ongoing theft problem in their area.  They brought their RV and wedged it into the driveway and planned to camp in it while their friends were away.

Walter, Bernice, and their son Michael were on the Taylor Highway a few weeks ago near the Mosquito Fork.  When they were coming upon a bridge, they thought they saw three people crossing over, but it looked like they had tails.  Once they were closer, they saw the height of the sign on the bridge and determined those people were around 9' tall.

A share from Jack and Eric, where they had an experience three years ago while caribou hunting off the Maclaren River.  Jack was aware of the Hairy Man, but still was a skeptic.

Back in 1978, Eric and a group of friend were in the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness area of the Tongass National Forest.  During the day away from camp, they heard a scream in the distance, but figured it was an animal of some sort.  When they returned to their camp, their equipment was moved, as if someone went through their things.

In the first week of August about 25 years ago, Daniel paid to fly into a spot on the Tikchik River to trout fish.  While he was taking a break to eat a snack, he saw a dark figure in the willows, thinking it was a bear.  He grabbed his .480 Ruger and began to scan the trees to spot the bear and look for cubs.  To scare off the bear, he let out a scream and fired a shot.

A share from Ivan who had an encounter with his brother on the King Salmon River while searching for gold.  On the third night, they set up a small camp, when they heard a scream that sounded like a woman being murdered.  They went to check it out to offer help, but as they crossed the river and approached the bank, they had a realization that the source of the scream could be the Hairy Man.

Last winter, Brian headed to Delta Junction on the Richardson Highway to help a friend fix his snow machine.  Near the Gulkana River, he noticed a black dot in the snow, which would likely not be a bear at that time of year.  After helping his friend, he stayed the night and took off the next morning to head back to Anchorage.  He felt ill shortly after leaving and pulled over near the Delta River to relieve himself when he noticed a black dot dart from his left to his right, prompting him to remember seeing the same thing the previous day.

Ten years ago, a few hunters were at the Kanik Glacier on their 4-wheelers hunting moose.  They look up and saw a Sasquatch on the ridge, swaying back and forth and dropping behind the rocks.  They felt a sudden urge to leave and immediately left.  In this area, there's many, many "soft" encounters.

Retired teacher Mary had an experience with a few friends at the Kennecott Mines about 15 years ago.  After setting up camp, they decided to hike up the mountain to check out the back side.  After her friend whistled some TV theme songs, they heard the songs whistled back to them.  They called out, but no response.  As they're walking back to camp, they heard the songs whistled back again, as well as some movement.  Mary suddenly stopped and saw a Sasquatch about 10' away, standing about 9' tall.  As she let out a half-scream, she had a sudden sense of calm.

A share from Rick, who had an encounter while on a four-day backpacking trip to spread ashes of his mother in a mountain range in the Yukon that she loved.  On the first night of his camp, Sasquatches began to try to smother his campfire while he stepped away to take a leak.  He saw someone moving in the trees and thought it was a person.  He shot into the air, and as his ears were ringing, he saw the Sasquatch standing behind the tree about 30 feet away.  When he shot again, he heard two sets of footsteps running away.

I'm filming with Squatchbait from the Kings River to show the spot of Dan's encounter in 2021, where he saw a Sasquatch squatting on a log before it stood up and walked off into the brush out of view.  He followed after it to take a picture, but it was gone.

After about an hour, he packed up his camp and as he was walking out he heard whoops and felt it getting closer.  He let off some shots in the air and then began to hear thrashing in the brush.  It runs off, but as he was leaving back to his car, it paced and followed him the entire way.

A short one involving Robert, who had an experience at a hotel near Denali Park.  In the evening, something began thumping against the wall that became loud enough to wake others up in the hotel, however, nobody was willing to investigate the culprit.  Robert didn't see what was making the noise, but the fear involved was intense.

Even without being seen, Sasquatch are able to project fear into people somehow.  In Alaska, the encounters are never good.  The stories are about fear, taking women and children, and they'll eat you.

Ten years ago, brothers Jim and James were working on a long term plan to build a lake cabin, much like Jacob in #35, in the Alaska interior south of Fairbanks.  Once they had their materials flow into the site, they were planned on being picked back up in a week.  When the pilot returned, he had a heavy plane and could only take one and return in a few hours after dropping off the excess cargo.  James agreed to stay and wait for them to return.

I share an encounter from about 20 years ago from Margaret and Kyle who were picking berries when they had to leave after realizing they were being surrounded.  The Sasquatch began to throw berries at them, and when Kyle turned around, Margaret saw one about 10' to 12' tall go into the trees.  As they were backing out of the area, Kyle saw one shake a tree from side-to-side, as if it were moving it out of the way to see them.  They heard odd noises, including a language that resembled Yup'ik.

On site at Eklutna Lake where Coloradans Douglas and Trina, had an encounter a few weeks ago.  While enjoying the camping, they heard a scream across the lake they thought could be a cougar, even though they thought it was too loud.  Soon after that, they heard another scream from the other direction that was moving towards them.  They quickly jumped into their kayaks and left.